Steroids improve digestion and metabolism?

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    I had digestion problems (GERD, acid Reflux) for like almost 10 years. Biggest reason why I’m still skinny..But after some research and gaining knowledge, it has improved a lot and i feel better but i probably messed up my organs and i really have to eat clean,, or else i wont feel good…. so it is hard for me gain weight..i try to gain naturally but,,i just don’t have the energy to go to the gym all the time. Even i gain couple of pounds I lose it very fast. And I dont have energy to prepare food all the time….I have some symptoms of low testosterone …but i don’t want to go for HRT..I want to use a cycle and gain weight and improve my vitality…I’m 29 years old..But i always thought steroids were bad for you,..but i know it is not i really need some testosterone boost..I used all kind of supplements but I think they are mostly useless if you have low testosterone and low vitality…Help is appreciated. Thank you.

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    By the way..I ve been 150 lbs for like 10 years…the only time i went to the gym for 8 months straight and saw results was when i was 19..after that over the years even tho i tried i quit after 2 months all the time because of low energy….i have the knowledge, motivation but not the energy…5’9" height 150 lbs…i can probably go up to 160 if i really tried very hard…but it is not easy for me…i just want to feel alive again…
    Steroids aren’t going to help with your GERD, but acid reflux meds will.
    If you have low T, look into HRT. A cycle won’t do much for you, in your case.

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