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    i have done nearly every steroid out there deca tren dbol mast i have had zero hair loss im 32 and both sides of my family are bald but i have zero receding. i have done a few tren cycles in the past witch is suppose to be quite rough on the hair being that i have no receding with tren whats the chances proviron is gonna be a problem or will a pure dht like proviron be that one steroid. i know 100% you guys cant definitely answer this but what do you think my chances are. also this might be a silly question but if it did effect my hair could i back out and save my hair or would it happen pretty quick. the reason i want to try proviron is i have finished a tren cycle and my libido is in the toilet and thinking it would be a good idea to add to my trt

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    Sounds like you’re in the clear for hair loss (thus far), but no one can tell you how a given compound will interact your unique biochemistry.

    Any aas compound added to TRT essentially becomes a cycle.

    Considering the above, why Proviron ? An aas is not the appropriate remedy for an off cycle libido problem. There are several compounds that could assist you in this regard, the most noteworthy of which is hCG .

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